Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a safe and natural pet medicine. They gently help to correct emotions like anxiety, lack of confidence, jealousy and other mental conditions which may be contributing to a number of physical symptoms.


home remedy for horses etc


For animals with a high pain tolerance. They keep working and wagging their tails even when in great pain or seriously ill.

home remedy for birds etc


For the animal that feels fear and apprehension, e.g. during a visit to the vet. Restores calm and normal breathing.

home remedy for dogs etc


For the arrogant animal, having an intolerance of other animals, rigid, inflexible.

home remedy for animals


For an animal who is too submissive. Also for animals that are weak after illness.

natural remedy for horses etc


For an animal which shows no initiative or remains juvenile in behaviour.

bach flower remedy for cats etc

Cherry Plum

For fear biters, animals with a vicious temper, uncontrollable. For animals who behave worse after eating commercial food containing colourings and additives.

natural remedy for dogs etc

Chestnut Bud

For the animal that is slow to learn. May be helpful in breaking bad habits.

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For the overly possessive animal, for attention seeking behaviour, or separation anxiety.

natural remedy for birds etc


For the animal who is not paying any attention to what happens around it – bored and disinterested. Also aids in recovery from surgery.

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Crab Apple

Restores cleanliness and dignity. For animals in cages or confined with their excrement or urine. Also helps eliminate skin conditions. And a treatment for the condition where animals eat the dung of others (coprophagia).

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For the animal who feels responsible for everything and is overwhelmed by it. For working dogs who have been trained like robots. Helps mothers cope with large litters.

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For a oversensitive animal, takes punishment very much to heart. For animals in rescue shelters that become listless and lose interest in food. Help break the cycle when an animal is suffering setbacks and keeps relapsing into sickness.

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Restores endurance and vitality. Give as a boost to obese and lethargic animals along with dietary changes.

home treatment cats etc


Remedies noisy attention seeking and feelings of loneliness. For dogs that bark, yap and whinge excessively.

home treatment chooks etc


Is for animals suffering from suspicious and malicious behaviour. It helps to restore tolerance for ill tempered animals and remove the blanket suspicion of strangers.

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For homesickness. Will help the animal to adjust to a new home or new owner. Use for puppies etc going to new homes or when moving house.

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For temporarily exhaustion – for example after labour, and during recovery from an illness. Also for animals during times of enforced inactivity.

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For an animal who is unduly impatient and hyperactive. Gives relief for physical conditions like muscle cramps, tense muscles, irritable bowel syndrome.

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This is the remedy for lack of confidence and is suitable for young animals needing a confidence boost. For animals that have suffered from abuse in the past.

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For shy, timid animals who have a fear of known things, e.g. some dogs have a fear of men. For fear of loud noises and thunder the homeopathic remedy phosphorus is more specific. Mimulus restores courage.

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For a moody animal. For a sudden onset of illness. Dispels gloom, restores serenity.

homeopathy and naturopathy


For a depressed animal. For sick animals, fighting to survive. For dogs that run until they drop. Restores strength and stamina.

homeopath and naturopath


For temporarily exhaustion. For convalescing animals, or those suffering from long lasting illness.

naturopathic remedies for dogs


For feelings of guilt. This is not really indicated for dogs, unless you have a dog who blames itself for your mistakes. Your dog may look guilty if you blame it for something it did, but it is questionable that animals suffer from a longstanding guilty conscience.

homeopathic remedies for animals

Red Chestnut

Will help with separation anxiety. It is useful for dogs that feel overly protective towards their owners. Very good to help animal mothers who have been reluctant to wean their offspring.

animal homeopathy

Rock Rose

For terror, fear, extreme panic. It can be sprayed on or otherwise absorbed via the skin if it is difficult to administer drops to the mouth of the animal in distress.

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Rock Water

For a rigid, tight animal, unable to relax. For dominant and stubborn behaviour. For those who cannot tolerate changes in routine.

natural home remedies for animals


For the animal with sudden mood changes, one minute happy to be petted, the next it will growl and bite. For hormone imbalance and also travelsickness.

herbal home remedies for pets

Star of Bethlehem

For all kinds of trauma and shock, past and present. Will help to deal with past trauma of cruelty and pain. Restores emotional and mental calm.

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Sweet Chestnut

For an animal who has reached the limit of its endurance. Aids the recovery of animals beaten and starved almost to death. For animals tearing themselves apart with skin and ear problems. Also useful to calm wild animals in captivity.

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For the highly strung animal, hyperactive, always on the go.

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For a very dominant animal and those who are possessive of their toys, who will not let anyone on their chair or near their food.

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A link breaking remedy, helping with transition and change, e.g. hormonal changes due to puberty or desexing, preparation for dying, accepting new circumstances or owners. It is of use prior to euthanasia. Animals who have lost a limb or eye sight also benefit from this remedy.

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Water Violet

Indicated for an animal that stays aloof and reserved and for those with whom it is difficult to establish contact.

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White Chestnut

May be of help for an animal with a fixation, e.g. animals that are constantly licking, scratching or chewing.

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Wild Oat

May help a working dog bored in a backyard to cope better. Of benefit for retired working animals.

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Wild Rose

For animals lacking energy, who do not want to move. It restores the life force and the will to live.

emotional animal


For resentment an animal may feel, for example when a new baby or puppy arrives in the house. It restores good temperament.

natural treatment for shock

Rescue Remedy

Composed of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.

The most well known Bach Flower Remedy used for First Aid: shock, pain, fear and panic. Give a few drops every half hour until the animal has calmed. Rescue Remedy is suitable for injured birds and other wildlife as well as domestic pets suffering from shock. It can be sprayed on or otherwise absorbed via the skin if it is difficult to administer drops to the mouth of the animal in distress. It is great for recovery after surgery, when it should be given every 2 – 4 hours for a day or two. Rescue Remedy has many uses: for recovery after convulsions, as a natural sedative, to help weak puppies after birth, or the mother to recover after giving birth, etc. Rescue Remedy is useful in all situations where an animal is under stress, even if it is not life threatening.

natural treatment for shock SPECIAL – create your own custom made mixed remedy $12

As most people, as well as most animals, display a range of emotional imbalances, the Bach Flower Remedies can be mixed together – as much as 5 remedies – to treat a range of mental and behavioural symptoms. Just ‘add to cart’ and email elholt@wildmail.com with the remedies you have chosen.

Bach Flower remedies should be taken 2 – 3 times a day for at least 6 to 8 weeks. In the case of an animal left to itself all day, the drops should be placed in the drinking water and refreshed every day. If extensive consultation is needed to determine the correct Bach Flower Remedy for your pet (involving a questionnaire or live chat), a small administration fee of $5 will be charged.